Backdoor listing open
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Back Door Listing Open!!

A back-door listing is a method for converting a private company into a publicly traded company that bypasses the normal listing requirements of the stock exchange chosen.

“Opportunity opens different doors and few back doors aswell”

What Exactly Is Back Door Listing?

A “back door listing” is a tactic used by unlisted corporations in which they combine with companies that are already listed on a public market. A backdoor listing occurs when a firm attempts to get an exchange listing without first conducting an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

How Does It Work?

Back door listing is frequently used by organizations that do not fulfill the standards to be listed on a stock market; in most cases, these companies are private corporations with insufficient resources and qualifications.

After several fruitless attempts, some corporations opt to utilize the back door to fulfill the standards, which is generally done by purchasing or merging with listed companies.

Bleu Mint Coin is a blockchain-based disseminated digital platform with its own cryptocurrency.  The main purpose of the Bleu Mint coin is to offer a digital coin wallet to the public where they can finance and merchandise their asset in a decentralized blockchain.

This brings us to the announcement that Bleu Mint Coin’s ICO is Starting Soon!
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Break Through With Bleumint, The Back Door Listing Is Now Open!!


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