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Bleumint Products

Blue Mint Coins are Security Coins with their own blockchain with a limited quantity that contributes to the company’s equity, whilst Blue Tokens are utility tokens that will be utilized for a specific purpose.

Bleu Tokens will be utilized as a gas charge for their blockchain-based goods and services in the Logistics, Supply Chain, eCommerce, and On Demand Solutions. On the Solana blockchain, Bleu Tokens will be issued.
Bleu Mint Inc has a solid plan for the next three years that includes bringing out all of these ready goods to Block Chain and selling them to the industry on a PaaS model (Platform as Services).

Our Road Map Products Include:
ProDApp – Blockchain-based Product Authentication.
ATOMobil – Fleet Management and Automotive Ownership
BleuWay is a Blockchain-based Transport Management System.
BleuWare – Blockchain fulfillment center
AdAppT – Blockchain Omni Channel
Milestone – BleuMile (Last mile delivery for eCom and others)

Products In The Road Map Are:

ProDApp – Blockchain-based Product Authentication.
Product Information Management (PIM) is our proprietary solution, which is a business application that offers a centralized location for collecting, managing, and enriching any master product information, as well as creating a product catalog and distributing it to Omni Channel.
Omni channel controls items in an O2O2O (Online-to-offline-to-online) environment, which generates a market presence for any product in an eCommerce, retail shop, or showroom.

BleuWay is a Blockchain-based Transport Management System.
It regulates the Service Level Agreement (SLA) between any Logistics firm and its client using smart contracts. It also uses blockchain to store and record rates, tariffs, and payables.

BleuWare – Blockchain fulfillment center
A fulfillment center is a contemporary warehouse that stocks, processes orders, package them, and ships them from an eCommerce store or marketplace.
Using blockchain, all information about the buyer, shipper, owner, transporter, and delivery data in a fulfillment center will be authenticated.

AdAppT – Blockchain Omni Channel
An Omni Channel is the backbone of every eCommerce and marketplace, directing which items should be supplied to which customers.

It controls orders on online platforms such as eCommerce and social media, as well as physical transactions using a point-of-sale system at a store or outlet. The entire product lifetime is blockchain, from the producer to the end user.

BleuMile – Milestone (Last-Mile) Delivery System provides comprehensive product tracking and traceability till delivery. Proof of delivery, also known as Sign on Glass, allows a delivery person to have proof of delivered things by photographing them together with the recipient’s signature. It adds added protection by not allowing the same employee to deliver to the same consumer more than five times.

ATOMobil – ATOMobil – ATOMobil – (Alpha 2 Omega Mobil) Toobil Fleet Management and Ownership
It is blockchain-based fleet management or automobile maintenance and ownership software. It keeps track of and prepares work orders for all repairs and maintenance, and it reminds you of all service, insurance, and road tax dues on time.

The services center also gives a selling valuation. It uses blockchain to monitor all maintenance history, spare part authentication, and spare part warranty tracking.

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