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About The CEO

Our CEO has a wide area of expertise in the fields of tech-savvy executive and supply chain, logistics and eCommerce consultant, and a solution architect who could consult Logistics and other Software solutions to the client.

With over 16 years of software product development experience and IP ownership of these logistics products, which are being licensed in the global market, An experienced IT professional with hands-on experience in AIoT, IoT, ASRS, and Blockchain.

“We are a 20-year-old software company with an extensive footprint in development, implementation and support of software products across platforms for Logistics, Supply Chain and the eCommerce Industry.
This endeavour will tap into our internal talent and expertise in software skills with additional know-how in hardware, server, VMware and cyber-security”.                    

BlueMintCoin uses its own independent blockchain and runs on its own infrastructure. BlueMintCoin uses the fork of Litecoin, which has a much faster blockchain transaction history compared to Bitcoin.
BleuMintCoin has a Proof of Work consensus protocol and its hashing algorithm is called Scrypt at its core.

Community Rationale:

The main goal of mining Bleu Mint Coin is to allocate 30% of the pre-mined coin to charity. The company’s founder would lead it through the initiatives called “The Pie in the Sky-Food 4 Everyone” and the “FEED IN NEED” in order to support the needy with meals and address the grave issue of hunger in the most underdeveloped parts of the world, as well as to support UNDP goals.

Another 10% of the pre-mined coin will be allocated to help and support women’s empowerment projects, and the last 10% for community upliftment. Apart from this, a small portion of the proceeds will be allocated to support the staff who have been working in our multinational software company, operational in five countries.



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