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CEO Talk

People come up with different opinions when they hear the word “crypto.” Some regard it as a gold digger for millionaires, while others regard it as a broad hoax.

As such, in 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz, a Florida resident, spent about 10,000 Bitcoins on two pizzas at a neighbourhood pizza business. Because at the time, his Bitcoins were only worth $40. It is now, however, worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Experts have decided that cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, are in a bubble, which indicates that the price of a coin or digital asset is higher than its “real” value.

In recent days, there has been an increase in the number of alt-currencies (alternative currencies) hitting the market, giving the impression that they are a scam.

Furthermore, the bulk of these new coins have “Charity” as its tagline purpose, which adds to the mistrust. The line between a coin’s success and being labelled a fake is thin. It all depends upon the coin’s and company’s Plan, Potential, Purpose, Persistence, and Promise.


The CEO’s Bio:
I am the founder and CEO of a 20-year-old software firm specialising in logistics, transportation, supply chain, and e-commerce.
We are entirely operational in 5 countries and rapidly expanding in 12 nations in 5 years, with clientele from over 15 countries.

Among many occupations, I am a Tech-Savvy Executive and Supply Chain, Logistics, and eCommerce Consultant, as well as a Solution Architect advising companies on Logistics and other Software solutions.

With over 16 years of experience developing software and owning the intellectual property for these logistics systems, that are licenced today on a global scale.

My team consists of seasoned IT specialists that are experts in AIoT, IoT, ASRS, and Blockchain who are the core persons for running the operations swiftly.

Globally partnered with branded products, with the opportunity to collaborate with top corporations in the United States, Thailand, India, Singapore, France, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, China, and other APAC regions.

Thailand, India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam Cambodia, Spain, Germany, and the United States have all had implementation experience.

3rd Part Logistics & SCM, Modern Trade Business, Automotive & Auto Parts, Retail Chain, FMCG, Chemicals & Industrial Gases, Petro Chemical, Sugar, Food, Education, Construction, Materials & Certification are among the industries covered.

Advantages of the Company:

  1. Our company has developed a low-cost human resource power to code, develop, programme, generate, mine, and manufacture our own currencies and tokens.
  2. We use our own gear and infrastructure to install and manage the currency servers, mining hubs, wallets, and explorers.
  3. We have our own social media marketing and branding team to help enhance the value of our currencies and tokens.
  4. We have 16 intellectual property (IP)-owned software solutions in Product Information Management, Logistics, Supply Chain, eCommerce, and Big Data. We use them to achieve our aim of transferring all of our commodities to Blockchain and putting them to use in the real world by creating a viable market for them.

The CEO Follows The Following Business Principles:
I adhere to three fundamental business ethics with my customers, employees, and service providers and vendors:

  1. I will never market my products or services instead of having individuals buy them on their own.
  2. Always aim for a win-win scenario and demonstrate empathy for others. The Win-Win situation is one in which I win and you win, rather than one in which I MAKE YOU WIN AND YOU MAKE ME WIN.
  1. There are three sorts of negotiation (donkey, fox, and owl). I don’t want to engage in donkey bargaining, where I endure all the responsibility for less and then break down one day. I also do not want to embark into a Fox negotiation in order to make some difficult sales that will last a few months and result in future problems.

Both the donkey and the fox talks are uninteresting to me since I am the sort of person who considers the benefit of others and comes to a decision that benefits both sides.

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